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All of our pay monthly plans are billed monthly via a direct debit. The initial set up cost is taken within the first month of signing up. We rely on Go Cardless as an engine to collect the initial set up cost and create the direct debit to collect payments on a monthly basis.

It is unusual for a payment to be missed with a direct debit in place. But, for whatever reason If you miss a payment, we will contact you to make you aware of the late payment. You will have 30 days to make the payment before we will have to suspend activity.

Absolutely, simply let us know which package you would like to move on to, and we will arrange this without disrupting the uptime of your existing se campaign. It is really that easy.

With our ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ pay monthly packages, you will have access to an easy to use page content editor, giving you the flexibility to amend your page content at any time.

With our traditional website services. Our websites are built upon the WordPress CMS and provides you with full control over your website and its content.

With our websites, you are free to add new content via the easy to use content management system (CMS) called WordPress without the need for us to get involved. That said, we are always on hand if you need any assistance.

Yes, responsive website design is a standard process with all of our website design projects, meaning it will perform great on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

This is not a yes or no answer. However, we implement the common on-page SEO practices with all of our websites, and we encourage great content to give your website the best starting chance with google.

Performing well in search engines takes commitment, and patience. Our SEO digital marketing service offers the work required to get your website higher in the search rankings.

When you purchase any website, design or branding service from us. We hand over all copyright and ownership to you to use your design as you as you wish.

Yes, we can help with the printing of your new designs. We are not printers ourselves, but we have a few trusted printers with work with that we can recommend, or we can arrange the printing and delivery of the work.

This depends on the scope of your project. Often, we can complete a project through communicating via telephone, email and video calls – which allows us to remain affordable. If you would like to meet in person, this can also be arranged.

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